Health & Welfare and Pension Benefits
Zenith Administrators is the administrator of both our Pension and Health and Welfare Trust Funds. If you ever have any questions on your Pension or Health and Welfare coverage, please feel free to contact them at (800) 522-2403.
Zenith Administrators has created a secure website where our members can log in and obtain valuable information on their benefits including health care eligibility, claims status, details and documents on the plans, claim forms, etc. This information can be accessed at To login for the first time, your user name is the 1 st initial of your first name then your last name, (for example, Jane Doe’s user name is jdoe) and your password is your social security number. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your user name and password.
As a UFCW Local #4 Union member working under a Collective Bargaining Agreement, your employer is required to make hourly pension contributions on your behalf for hours worked. Currently, there is a 5 year vesting period.
When you are eligible to receive a pension/retirement benefit from the Plan, the amount of your monthly benefit will depend on:
  • The amount of employer contributions paid to the plan on your behalf.
  • Your total years of benefit service.
  • The form in which you choose to receive your benefits.
  • Your age at the time your benefit payments become payable.

This Pension/Retirement Plan Overview is a brief outline of coverage provided by the Union Pension Plans. For actual coverage provided by these Plans, always refer to the handbook and endorsements or call (800) 522-2403.


Once you have completed six (6) months of employment with your employer, you might be eligible for employee only Health and Welfare (medical and prescription drug coverage) benefits effective the first day of your seventh (7 th) month of work.

In order to be eligible for medical and prescription drug coverage, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must work at least 80 hours per month if you are a clerk, and 87 hours per month if you work in the meat department during your 5 th month of work and thereafter.
  • Courtesy clerks are not eligible for Health and Welfare coverage.
Once you have completed thirteen (13) months of work and you work at least 120 hours per month you will be eligible for family Health and Welfare coverage. Once you have worked 25 months, you will be eligible for vision and dental coverage.
Employees who become eligible for health and welfare (medical coverage) must contribute thirty-three dollars ($33.00) per month for employee-only coverage and sixty-six dollars ($66.00) per month for employee and family coverage.
There are deductibles that must be met for medical, prescription drugs, dental, and vision coverage. Prescription drugs must be paid for at the pharmacy of your choosing and after the submittal of the appropriate receipts, Zenith Administrators will reimburse you less any deductibles. For more information, please call your Union’s office to request a copy of the medical booklet or the office of Zenith Administrators Inc. at 1-800-522-2403.
For actual coverage provided by these Plans, always refer to the handbook and endorsements or call the phone number listed below.
You can also access your coverage information at


11 West Cataldo Avenue, Suite 220

Spokane, WA. 99201-3207